Friday, February 3, 2017

Billy Drummond: Freedom of Ideas

Billy Drummond has long been one of my favourite contemporary Jazz drummers since I first started listening to him back in the mid 1990s. His albums "Dubai", "The Gift" and "Native Colours" as well the plethora of dates recorded for the Criss Cross record label have all been a big influence on me. I've always been inspired by his huge sound, driving cymbal beat and relentless, driving sense of swing.

Here's a couple of clips today of Billy Drummond's most recent project, Freedom of Ideas, to check out. I sincerely hope that this band records and releases an album sometime in the near future!

And here Drummond breaks down the 7/4 groove for his piece "Dubai" (as performed above):

And of course, watching all these videos quickly led me down the YouTube rabbit hole and I discovered this nice trio rendition of "There Is No Greater Love" featuring Drummond with Javon Jackson and Ron Carter (dig those nice yellow Gretsch drums!):

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